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Visual artist - painting, photography and multimedia.

Registered in the National Register of Professional Visual Artists working in the Czech Republic, European Union.






MEMBERSHIP (selection)

UVU - Union of Visual Artists of the Czech Republic (Member of International Association of Art (IAA / AIAP), UNESCO)

SCF - Association of Czech Photographers

SVUM - Assotiation of Professional Moravian Visual Artists

Oher membership

SCA - Society for Contemporary Arts



Gallery Miro Prague

Leica gallery Prague

Gallery VIVO, Prague

Gallery Peron Prague

Gallery Mathias, Brno

Moravian Gallery Brno

Art Business Centre

Museum of Computer Art

National Museum Monaco

Saatchi gallery

Gallery NOW

Gallery Artitude

Gallery Chez Annamarie

Domicile Hewlett-Packard Prague

Plus several of standing expositions available to the public.



- author combines numerous art-techniques, finally he treated them in an original way on his computer.

- artwork is a kind of distinctive and peculiar author's Digital Art based on his photographies and painting

- he uses unigue own combination of original print and monotyped hand-made stamps or drawing. Colors are ink-jet pigments and fine art acryllic. Artworks are on paper or canvas.

- used technigue warrants top quality of used material of each artwok. Longevity archival attribute of paper, canvas, all colors and used techniques.

- artworks are only originals, never are created two the same

- main subject matter: Ice, Snow and Watter in their metamorphoses; Flowers and Gardens; Angels and Esences from Light; Ways and Crossroads; Minimal etc. Each subject contains large cycle of artworks.


He was born 1954 in Olomouc, Czech Republic, Europe.

Now he lives and works in two studios - in Prague or in Prostejov (CR).

After finishing his secondary education in Olomouc he studied informatics and at the Institute of Artistic Photography.



since embarkment of his studies he began to exhibit graphics, oil paintings, photographs and jewellery.



freelance artist, he had more than 100 solo exhibitions in the Czechoslovakia. Vladimír Obr could not exhibit in abroad until velvet revolution in 1989 because of political situation.




1989-99 working as a graphic designer and photographer in own agency,



started his period of multimedia artworks - especially multi-media creations based on his photographs or classic and digital paintings. Author has been using and building-up his own method up to the present day.



started a new period of multimedia art exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad.



new period of classic oil painting and photography



started own european international project “Color Wings” for children in area of art education without words, borders and barriers.



he was appreciated for visual art: two awards - Czech, Award - Italy, Awards - US, UK etc.



he was appreciated for digital art - Japan



new technique of print and hand-made mono-typed stamp. New big philosophic cycle: Ways and Crossroads.


EXHIBITIONS (selection)

2008-9 Group art shows

Participation in art show of SVUM, Town Galley Hodonin, CR

Participation in art show of SVUM, Town Galley Valasske Mezirici, CR

Participation in art show of SVUM, Cejka Galley Hodonin, CR

Participation in art show of SVUM, Town Galley Uhersky Brod, CR


2007 Single and group art shows

Show in known Gallery Dum panu z Kunstatu, Brno, CR

Show “LOOKING BACK” creation cross-section, Gallery of baroque villa Portheimka, Prague

State show on the occasion of  100th Anniversary Assotiation of artists - SVUM (author is the member)

Participation in art show “BZENEC ART AUTUMN”, Chateau Bzenec, CR

Participation in art show “EROS”, Amstetten, Austria

Participation in art show of gallery VIVO, House of Arts, Znojmo, CR

Participation in series of juried international art competitions and shows.


2005-6 Single and group art shows

Show in National House, Vinohrady, Prague (Rais and a Clubby galleries)

Instalation Tokai House Prague, Ovocny trh

Opening of salon Picasso Standing show

“Art”, Exhibition in National house - Vinohrady, Prague

“Art”, standing exposition large-wide archival prints on the canvas in residency of company Hewlett-Packard, Prague

Standing exposition Brand Art large-wide canvas in residency of supra-national company Hawle, Prague

Show “Premiere”, CITIBANK, Prague 1, CR

Show “Houses, houses, houses, clouds”, Gallery of the City Hall Prague

Show “GIANT-silence and colors”, muzeum Timisoara (Deva), Romania

Show “GIANT-silence and colors”, Czech centre Bucurest, Romania

Instalation Solidni nejistota, prestigious club, Prague 1

Show “GIANT-silence and colors”, Days of Czech culture, Gallery Kalocsa, Hungary, EU

Show “GIANT-silence and colors”, City Belehrad, Serbia

Show “Journey Up”, City Bratislava, Slovakia, EU

Show “Aqua Vitae”, Mozarts hall, Moravian Philharmonic, Olomouc, CR

Show “GIANT-silence and colors”, Czech centre Budapest, Hungary

Show “Art”,half-yearly exposition in american company McKinsey& Company, capital city Prague

Show “GIANT-silence and colors”, Gallery Podkova, Olomouc, CR

Show “Journey up”, Pultusk, Poland, EU


2005-6 Single art shows

Exposition Leica Gallery Prague in PARIS PHOTO 2004, Paris, France, EU

Exhibition by the occasion of official presentation of The Czech republic in China, Beijing, China

Obr Pictures, gallery Perg, Austria, EU

Show “Aqua Vitae”, Ministry of Culture of the Czech republic, Gallery Nostic palace, Prague

Exhibition in Bank Sparkasse, Austria, EU

Show in gallery Pegas, Brno, CR

“Aqua”, Minimal Art, Prumyslovy palace, Prague

“Journey Up”, Czech days in Poland - Teatr Konsekwentny, City Warsaw, Poland EU

Gallery Na ochozu, Thermal colonade, Karlovy Vary, CR

“Journey Up”, Czech-Polish Christian days in Poland, Galeria na Pietrze, Walbrzych, Poland, EU

Standing Exposition -residency of Regional authority,Olomouc, CR

Installation “U Vladare”, Maltezske square, Prague 1

“Abstraction”, Gallery K PRO, IBC, Brno, CR

“Transmission” International biennial of new media, Cheb, CR

Inividual author´s exhibition, Gallery G4 (Cheb, CR)